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Zoom - MHSA-SLC Planning Kick Off - Shared screen with speaker view
SLC - Ana G Villarreal
Hello Everyone, Ana G Villarreal, MHSA SLC, Faith Communities Advocate
Michelle Ho
Good morning. Michelle Ho from BHSD
Jennifer Bruggeman
Good morning everyone. Jennifer Bruggeman, Contra Costa MHSA. Thanks for letting me sit in:)
Doris Estremera (she/her)
thank you Evelyn from San Mateo... look forward to learning, sharing and working together
SLC Mary Gloner-she/her/hers
Thank you Jeanne. Received a notice about a 1/27 meeting about CRM. Is the 1/29 a different meeting or new date?
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thank you for providing the detailed flow chart calendar!
Evelyn Tirumalai
1/29 is the meeting of the MHSA SLC subcommittee. details found in MHSA website
Jennifer Bruggeman
What does SLC stand for? Thanks for clarifying.
Jeanne Moral
You're welcome, Mary. The 1/27 meeting is for our SLC members in which the Department will present the latest update about the CMR project while the 1/29 is the INN subcommittee meeting that will include updates related to INN-14 INN-15 INN-16 and a central portion of the meeting, the Department will present potential next steps for our next INN planning process and also ask the meeting attendees other ideas for consideration. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have additional questions.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Stakeholder Leadership Committee
Jennifer Bruggeman
Thank you!
SLC Mary Gloner-she/her/hers
Thank you Jeanne & Evelyn for clarifying.
Alicia Anderson (she/her/hers)
Will the link for the survey be posted on the BHSD MHSA website?
Roshni Shah
Hi Alicia, Yes. The survey links will be available on our BHSD MHSA website soon.
BHB / SLC June Klein
How are reaching out to convalescent homes? My mom is 88 and has never had an email or used a computer. I think this population is very isolated right now
SLC Mary Gloner-she/her/hers
Wonderful graphic. Easy to follow, content clear & trending chart very helpful.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
I agree. So much easier to understand!
Roshni Shah
Hi June, Yes, we agree and believe reaching out to all our populations is very important during these times. We are working with our Older Adult programs to help administer this survey via phone or using pen/paper. We welcome any suggestions or additional ideas to reach this population.
SLC - Ana G Villarreal
How is MHSA reaching out to direct providers via surveys to assess MH and other related services? Heavy workplace environments, extensive case load, and so on, can negatively impact the functioning of direct providers, and so it can affect the service they provide to clients/consumers.
SLC Thanh Do (he/him/his)
Does the "Revenue Distribution from State" include Medi-Cal/EPSDT, MAA that is leveraged?
SLC Mary Gloner-she/her/hers
is “Full Service Partnership” the contracts to CBOs
Steve Eckert Alum Rock Counseling Center
we read in the news that state revenue, particularly from high wealth tax payers, is producing a budget surplus. Why is the distribution in FY 23 only $54M in CSS?
SLC Mary Gloner-she/her/hers
For future presentations, an additional bullet that shares the % breakdown of expenditures by community contracts vs in house county services would be informative so can assess potential impact
Dee DeWitt
The 19/20 Covid emergency is really a 19/20/21/22 emergency. IS there discussion of using prudent reserve to offset reduced funding in 22/23 that are in fact an impact of Covid?
SLC Kathy Forward
Thank you for a thorough overview
SLC Mary Gloner-she/her/hers
Appreciate the transparency
Dee DeWitt
Based on what we are seeing in direct contact with clients, FY20-21 is not necessarily a good measure for client demand as clients are sheltering. Once more vaccines are administered, and once school starts back, we expect a significant increase in demand. Is that being factored into demand for FY21-22 noting current and past FY very likely are under-representative of actual demand given Covid?
SLC Lorraine Zeller
How many slots are available for consumers on the SLC?
SLC Kathy Forward
can you please put survey monkey in chat to access
Roshni Shah
Please provide your feedback for today’s SLC meeting:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Jan25_SLC_Feedback
SLC Nicole Steward
As a school social worker, I agree with Dee...
SLC Nicole Steward
Students have deep mental health needs but are unable to access due to stay-at-home, being disconnected, or just shutting down. Once those kids are back in front of teachers & admin, we will see a rise in need.
SLC Cheryl Engelstad
Agree with Armina, this is a great overview going into the next planning sessions.
SLC Thanh Do (he/him/his)
For the upcoming MHSA input sessions and/or future SLC Stakeholder meetings, it would be helpful to see revenue sources, including third party funding (e.g., other grants, federal/state/local funding streams) by program to help us identify programs that are more sustainable than others, as we're thinking about program cuts.