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MHSA SLC Planning Meeting #6: Unplanned/Access/WET/CFTN - Shared screen with speaker view
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Ana G Villarreal, MHSA SLC, Faith Based
Gary MIles - BHB Chair. My apologies, but I will need to leave the meeting at 10:45.
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Welcome everyone! Feel free to add your questions in the chat and we will address them as we go.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Do we have any current or recent public mental health beneficiaries on our SLC?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Another reason is their race is not on the survey. I always choose other/unknown because my race is not there.
Jane Christol
important question Lorraine
SLC (Alternate) erin obrien
It would be good to see Race/Ethnicity by program. My guess is African-Americans are significantly over-represented in the CJ programs and under-represented in CYF programs. But it would be good to see real data.
SLC Miguel Valencia
We should look at the data of utilization of service by comparing not just by their general population but also by the percentage of Medi-Cal beneficiaries in the county...this would give a much more accurate comparisong of populations in need for such services...
leah hodge
How can we get more information about the FAS program that Bruce referred to?
Evelyn Tirumalai
INN extension is a no-cost extension to utilize MHSOAC approved INN funding
Jane Christol
Thank you Bruce and Margaret for looking at improving the iHot implementation and service availability
Mego Lien
Hi Leah, My email is mego.lien@hhs.sccgov.org
leah hodge
That would be helpful Thank you Bruce. This is something I have always thought should be addressed in a more aggressive manner.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Why isn’t peer certification via SB 803 included in the WET plan?
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
What has been lost/discontinued in reducing the budget from $4.7M to $3.1M?
Jeanne Moral
Hi Lorraine, Mikelle Le, Division Director of Consumer, Family Affairs and Cultural Wellness covered training plans regarding SB803 at the A/OA meeting on 7/26 meeting.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thanks Mikelle. Didn't understand that this does not need to be in the WET plan then. Still learning!
SLC Jack Roach (he/him)
Will there be specific efforts to recruit LGBTQ+ focused clinicians? We see a huge gap in LGBTQ+ culturally competent mental health care providers in the BHSD.
SLC Anthony Miner (AACI)
I'm wondering if SCC would consider joining the BAPIC (Bay Area Practicum and Internship Council)? They are primarily concerned with the practicum placement and training of doctoral students training to become psychologists. I am on the steering committee and can help to provide a connection to a point of contact if that would be helpful. This would provide potential expansion of WET services by having more trainees added to the workforce.
Jane Christol
Could we bring back or rebuild Project TEAM ?
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Good idea! It's been such a long time since we had Project TEAM. Could you explain further?
SLC Mary Gloner
SLC Mary Gloner
Tribal Colleges
SLC Mary Gloner
are opportunities for outreach, especially if educating local community members who will be enticed/inspired to come back locally to serve the community they came from
Jane Christol
Project TEAM was focused on keeping connections with peers in locked facilities. It was an effort conducted within the department of Consumer Affairs ~2001- 2012
BHB/SLC June Klein
Can you send that meeting information for the Data committee to Jessie?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
It is my most important expectation that the principles are fully follow and implemented in all programs receiving MHSA funding. This won't be possible if the process of data collection and so interpretations have significant flaws. For example including South Asians and East Asians under the umbrella of Asian since they are not even the same ethnic group. At the same time, survey and other data separate Latinos such as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cubans.. by not including them under the same race group. All these individuals are the same ethnic group and most are the same race (Spanish and Indigenous heritage).
SLC Ana G Villarreal
I am interested sub committed on data. send me meeting sates and times.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Outreach should be use on gaps of programs. To do this, you first need to know what are those gabs.
Roshni Shah
Thank you, Ana and SLC members, for your comments and feedback. As shared, our SLC survey subcommittee is closely looking into how we can capture race/ethnicity subgroup more accurately and reach all of our populations in Santa Clara County for our next round of the MHSA client/consumer survey. Please feel free to contact me at Roshni.shah@hhs.sccgov.org if you have any feedback or would like further information. Thank you.
Mego Lien
Hi Wes, The Suicide Prevention Program is conducting outreach to the Pacific Islander community to engage them in suicide prevention and mental health promotion. Feel free to contact me for more details.
Roshni Shah
Ana, we will surely share the workgroup information with you. Thank you.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thank you for your summary of Project TEAM Jane. This program had peer providers reaching out to the people in locked facilities. Provided WRAP and, I believe other groups, as well as individual support.
SLC (Alternate) iris schmidt
Hello Ya’ll thank you for this opportunity to sit in as an alternate today! Unfortunately I will have to head out now and hop into another meeting. I hope you all have a good rest of your day!
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Thank you Iris, please join us again for future meetings.
Chiaki Nomoto
Dr. Chu includes Asian American specific considerations in Suicide Prevention Training.
SLC Mary Gloner
Isn't the MHSA Faith Innovation project will help address the faith/spirituality gap by providing valuable information
Jane Christol
You’re welcome, Lorraine. It was a vital effort, particularly with the rise in loss of liberty due to the Cares Act and AOT locally.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Those are the gaps of system and programs.
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
I am happy to help organize the workforce meeting from the provider side.
SLC Jack Roach (he/him)
Great, thank you!
leah hodge
WET. One of the greatest needs we have is securing psychiatrist. I haven’t seen anything in this presentation that addresses that.
Jane Christol
Thank you, Jeanette
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Intern students should be local residents or attending local collages.
SLC (Alternate) erin obrien
My apologies, but I have to drop off for another meeting.
SLC Christophe Rebboah
We need to ensure that the workforce shortage issue is truly acknowledged and well funded. I would like to see action items and a process plan that is place.
Chiaki Nomoto
We agree Spirituality Training is important. Through NAMI, we provided "Understanding Clients' Faith and Spirituality in Their Wellness and Recovery" training in June. We will explore more trainings around spirituality and faith.
Jane Christol
Thank you so much for bringing up the importance of Spirituality and Mental Health education, Ana
SLC Mary Gloner
Ana - some of the HBUC and tribal college students their families are local. Usually 1st generation students who have the privilege and opportunity to travel away to these universities. Some don't return home even if family are locally because establish new life/network/jobs near their universities.
SLC Mary Gloner
Since MHSA Faithbased community still in progress, would be valuable to incorporate the priorities that Wes identified and Ana amplified into the project (if possible without substantially impacting design) so can use the outcomes to institute or build capacity regarding faith and mental health
SLC Mary Gloner
Validates the value of Innovation projects to help build capacity or improve systems
SLC Kathy Forward
Part 2 of the Client Spiritualty/Faith Training is on October 27th 9a-12n
SLC Kathy Forward
We recorded Part 1 and it will be posted on our website soon
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Thank you Kathy! I forgot to mention the video would be available. Can you drop the link on here if you have it shared on your YouTube channel already?
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Thank you, Mary, for your suggestion. We will work to incorporate these comments as best we can into INN 10
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
What level of care will the ARF be and what is the on-going cost per slot for the 28 people and what budget does that come out of?
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Could MHSA help pay the needed funds to keep the licensed board and cares open. Or perhaps we need help from BOS.
SLC Kathy Forward
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thanks for your question Elisa. We do need a budget source for ARFs to keep people in the appropriate level of care,
SLC Kathy Forward
Understanding Clients' Faith & Spirituality in Their Wellness and Recovery https://youtu.be/jevIrplTffw
SLC Peggy Cho
@ Lorraine, there are lots of bad comments from residents or former residents about the quality of services of board and care in San Jose. I learned about really bad real incidents as well. I think the facilities need to be reevaluate by the responsible authority.
Jane Christol
Where is Community Care Licensing located ? does the department have contact information or a website for CCL ?
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thank you Peggy. We do need to re-evaluate board and care facilities. How do we prioritize this?
SLC Christophe Rebboah
Evelyn, I need to jump off the meeting. I appreciate all of your collective hard work and comments. I concur with the need for Spirituality Training that is required and comprehensive. Workforce Shortage is a true crisis and needs a designated work team that Elisa proposed.
leah hodge
Code enforcement is the best way to deal with monkey business in Unlicensed facilities/homes
SLC Lorraine Zeller
We're hoping that Indpendent Living Empowerment Project will help with the unlicensed homes, but we need some help for board and care (licensed).
Jane Christol
Okay, Margaret. Thank you for sharing about the department’s quarterly meetings with CCL
SLC Kathy Forward
There is a list of the types of housing on the NAMI-Santa Clara County website https://namisantaclara.org/housing-2/
leah hodge
Will clients be open to service teams while they are in this Adult Residential Facility?
margaret obilor
Yes if they are open to a service team prior to admission, if the client is new we will assign the client to a service team prior to discharge.
leah hodge
Brian when do you expect the application process start?
Brian Wagner
I expect that we will narrow in on the final application in the next couple of weeks and then look collaboratively at how/when to roll it out to CBOs.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
This is the importance of integrity of data.
SLC Mary Gloner
Thank you all for another valuable opportunity to learn, advocate, and guide services to better serve our community. I have another meeting and unable to attend the break-out. Will provide input via survey. Be well everyone.
Jane Christol
It’s really good to hear your comments and questions, Leah. I don’t believe the ARF is renovated yet but am not sure if that’s what your application process question was referring to.
Roshni Shah
Thank you all for joining today's meeting. For those who are unable to participate in our breakout groups, please do kindly share your feedback and additional comments via our survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Aug11_SLC_Feedback
leah hodge
It was for Brian and applying for My Avatar support
SLC Mary Gloner
That data would be very helpful Margaret. Also be mindful that if data shows Santa Clara County is doing better than other counties, but if the part or capacity is low overall, then will show that we can do better :)
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thank you for allowing increased stakeholder participation and following up on requests/suggestions. I have to sign off now. If you would provide information about increased, or ways to increase, beneficiary participation on SLC, I would appreciate it. Have a good afternoon all!
SLC Mary Gloner
*if participation or capacity is low
Jane Christol
Oh, thanks Leah. I’m unfamiliar with My Avatar
SLC Mary Gloner
SLC Anthony Miner (AACI)
I'll need to leave our meeting. Thank you everyone.
SLC Peggy Cho
Regional Andreas Service Center provide many services and help to intellectual/development clients.
SLC Peggy Cho
@Ana, I mean intellectual/developmental disability clients. See my comment above.
SLC Peggy Cho
@Ana, correction, it is San Andreas Regional Center
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Yes, but San Andrea's coordinator have a 100+ caseload. All these individuals and agencies working with these population need more support and connection to county services.
SLC Armina Husic
Please visit AACI's Wellness training opportunity for caregivers
SLC Armina Husic
SLC Wesley Mukoyama
I would lo get more dat from Vincent re: outcomes from CBOs and BHDS.
Cheryl Engelstad
Great discussions, everyone. Sorry, have to hop off for my next meeting.
Evelyn Tirumalai
Please make sure to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Aug11_SLC_Feedback
Jane Christol
Thank you to everyone and the department!
SLC Kathy Forward
Thank you!