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District 3 Community Roundtable February Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Office of Supervisor Otto Lee
Welcome Dr. Cody - please submit any questions here in the chat for the Q&A portion.
Office of Supervisor Otto Lee
COVID-19 Dashboard link - https://covid19.sccgov.org/dashboards
District 4
We are, of course, evolving our messaging at the city of San Jose to best articulate the importance of vaccinations. What is the County Health Department’s current message to encourage continued participation in both masking and vaccinations?
Luc Ha Le
_My Questions as follows:-Persons who did test COVID -19 getting result POSITIVE. How long does the Omicron B2/ CoVID -19 varriants Virus last in their bodies?-Children under 5 years old Unvaccinations COVID-.19, but they got result the test COVID-19 Positive,How do the Health Care Specialists cure them and How their parents to get Medical instructions to take good care for their children to help them bettter recovering?- When the children under 5 years old will receive the prevention COVID -29 Vacinates , in March 2022 or when?How may dose? 1 or 2or 3 ?Thank you Dr. Sara Cody’s valuable , intersting presentation
Christina Medina
What is the County doing for people with Long Haul Covid?
William Lam
Why would vaccine lose effective overtime?
Christina Medina
Will we ever get back to Normal?
Office of Supervisor Otto Lee
Thank you Dr. Cody and everyone at the Public Health Department!
Sara Cody, County of Santa Clara
Thank you all so much for inviting me to join you.
William Lam
I have something to do, have to go, thanks Eric for the update.
Janet Holt
is there a question in the survey asking residents how they feel the county has managed the homeless?