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MHSA SLC Planning Meeting #5: MHSA SLC Discussion on Assisted Outpatient Services and Adult Residential Treatment - Shared screen with speaker view
SLC Sparky Harlan
I have to go sorry! You guys are great!!
Rosa Ortiz
I have to go, I'm on afterhours and have to log on. Thank you all and thank you Margaret for providing us this info re: AB1976
Jennifer Jones
I have to go, beef up other existing programs with good outcomes, FACT,ACT, FSP and IFSP, it is a small number of people who fit this criteria. Remember there are people who are in outpatient treatment program and when they are a danger to others should be 5150'd and that is what that existing law is for. Laura would have been protected by a 5150 hold not necessarily forced outpatient treatment!
SLC Leah Hodge
Can you please send me a link for the Monday meeting?