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MHSA SLC Planning Meeting #11: AOA Plan Refinement Part 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Ana G Villarreal, MHSA SLC, Faith Based
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Hello and thank you for joining us today.We will be take questions after Margaret’s presentation. Please write them into the chat so we can address them on a first come basis.You may also raise your hand to be acknowledged, but please note that we will answer chat questions first.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
I have comments about Community Solutions and its hx of being on side of police, DA, law enforcement, not on the side of victims of crimes, myself and my daughter included. Who will really oversee their performance as an outsider, agent?
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
Is the $4M for county staffing/infrastructure for 11 staff or 18 staff?
SLC Leah Hodge
Is it correct that this is already up and running and if not when is it expected to start.
Soo Jung
$4M for county staffing is for 18 staff. we will hire 11 staff first to assist with implementation and the rest will be hired after AOT goes live in Feb. 2022
SLC Leah Hodge
So that means that there have been no petitions filed yet?
SLC Leah Hodge
or are there pending petitions
Evelyn Tirumalai
Roshni Shah
^ Please do not hesitate to reach out to our MHSA team via email at this email address if you have any questions at any time.
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Why are there so many who disagree that AOT would support clients and families, but a significantly larger proportion of respondents say they agree with AOT? Wouldn't the second answer relate more closely to the first?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Is consideration approval?
Diana Wilson (she/her), Caminar
The expansion of the LGBTQ+ services are fantastic- will there be a stakeholder meeting with key players to see how this clinic expansion works with CBO services?
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
How does the creation of a new clinic at the Gender clinic relate to the existing capacity being developed in conjunction with Dr. Jules and Erika to use Caminar expertise and experience?
Annie DiTiberio
I think that the variation in the poll relates to people being a fan of AOT but unsure whether it will have the desired affect of helping clients and families.
SLC Jace (they/them)
thank you for the meeting! got to head off to class
Evelyn Tirumalai
thank you, Jace. Have a good class
SLC Anthony Miner
It would be great to see more widespread training of staff to support referrals from the Gender Health Center (e.g., RISE training, in addition to other ongoing trainings) to assist us in providing affirming and trauma-informed care for LGBTQ+ clients.
SLC Leah Hodge
I would be interested to see a comparison of AOT vs our current conservatorship protocols
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Would you also please post the recordings from lasts weeks meetings?
Evelyn Tirumalai
yes, we will list of the links on the website
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thank you Evelyn
Roshni Shah
Please continue to provide your feedback on today's meeting using our meeting survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Aug30_SLC_Feedback
SLC Lorraine Zeller
Thank you everyone. I am leaving early for a family visit.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Thanks all!
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
At the summary Meeting, would you please indicate on the specific recommendations that incorporates stakeholder input? Highlighting the change would help those who committed so much time to see the outcome.