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MHSA SLC Planning Meeting #3: Adult & Older Adult System of Care - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeanne Moral
Hello All, If you have any questions at anytime throughout Margaret's presentation, please feel free to input in the chat box. Thank you.
SLC Sparky Harlan
why are you reducing dosage? It seems like you are reducing funding but cutting services to clients. I do not see what the rationale is except to give less services to clients.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Are people under dosage due to Covid?
SLC Sparky Harlan
Again, have you spoken with individual agencies about adjusting their contracts? This all seems very technical and I am not sure that I have enough information on clients' needs to reduce level of services (dosage) to these clients.
SLC Sparky Harlan
How are you deciding who is getting more slots in Outpatient? Should they be able to apply for the slots equally?
SLC Kathy Forward
Does SCC BHS provide these programs or only Contractors?
SLC Sparky Harlan
If A/OA needs increase slots/funding can you allow the contractors who have Children and Family underspend dollars to transfer to A/OA?
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
In the FSP table, it is confusing if the adjustments of dollars are increases or decreases? Would you please review amounts decreased in IFSP and what amounts are increased or decreased in FSP
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
With all the increases in capacity, are you also recommending adjusting budgets? If other provides add WARMS, will their contracts be adjusted to cover cost?
SLC Sparky Harlan
I cannot make a recommendation to add specific monies to a certain provider like this just based on one or two sentences that you think this provider should be increased. How can I make an informed opinion on this? It seems like if more than one provider serves the same population they should be able to apply equally like in a modified RFP for new funding.
SLC Cheryl Engelstad
Agree Sparky, seems like a lot of increases when I thought we were concerned about decreases in MHSA monies due to Covid.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Is Central and Downtown the BHSD?
Lisa Baumann
I apologize if this I missed this in the slides. Will the implementation of AOT affect the FSP utilization? Won't you need more capacity somewhere? Where will that be?
SLC Sparky Harlan
As usual, this is ton of information coming our way and very confusing.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Isn't their a fiscal impact when you move from INN funding to CSS?
SLC Sparky Harlan
SLC Sparky Harlan
Does the Probation Dept have any staff funded by MHSA?
SLC Sparky Harlan
Who would provide the AOT? who would do the 50 beds?
SLC Sparky Harlan
Who is receiving the $8.4 million? I don't believe that has been put out to bid.
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
what does right sizing of utilization of dosage on ACT/FACT mean? As anyone who meets criteria of AOT will be high acuity, why would dosage be right sized?
SLC Sparky Harlan
This is the area I want more information on which is the supportive housing. Most of those services have gone "single source" and not bid out.
Consuelo Hernandez
Hi Sparky we are happy to provide more details
Consuelo Hernandez
this is not all services
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
To Sparky's point, there is so much information here. Are you open to having questions emailed to you after we receive the slides and can look at them more closely?
Lisa Baumann
AOT is Outpatient. It is meant to prevent hospitalizations. Adding beds for AOT seems to me like the system isn't responding soon enough with services to keep the person in the community.
Evelyn Tirumalai - MHSA
Today's PPT will be shared and additional, expanded conversation will be facilitated this Thursday, 7/29 as planned.
SLC Sparky Harlan
It seems like you are moving BHSD funding around to other positions but not offering contractors/CBOs the same opportunity.
June Klein
How, if any, are these statistics affected by COVID-19? Not that you have not taken this into account, but just wondering how things will be a year from now?
Roshni Shah
Please provide your feedback for today's meeting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/July26_SLC_Feedback
SLC Peggy Cho
Thank you!