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MHSA SLC Planning Meeting #2: Children, Youth & Families SOC - Shared screen with speaker view
Ana G Villarreal
Good Morning. Ana G Villarreal MHSA SLC, Faith Based
SLC Jace (they/them)
hello. Jace Chang, MHSA SLC, LGBTQ+ TAY
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Welcome everyone!
SLC Christophe Rebboah
I’m on audio only…poor connectivity this morning.
Kathleen King
If you take down the agenda, does it make it easier to see everyone?
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
Please add your questions in the chat if you prefer and we will address them as we go.
Roshni Shah
For everyone's reference, the presentation shared at our last SLC meeting on July 15, 2021 can be found at the link below: https://bhsd.sccgov.org/sites/g/files/exjcpb711/files/documents/MHSA-Progra-%20Findings_07.15.2021-Meeting.pdf
SLC Sparky Harlan
Are we adding the presentation on the homeless support services in the A/OA sessions?
SLC Sparky Harlan
What percentage of this pie chart is the SCC BHSD budget? If not, I want to see a chart on these numbers for BHSD department services.
SLC Sparky Harlan
If we cut any funding or add to contractors we need to also consider cuts to underspend funds in the BHSD.
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
Will you be answering the other questions that were in the chat last session?
Don Taylor
is there a plan for the remaining reductions that are not being redirected?
Gary Montrezza
The whole system numbers should be stated—not just contracted providers.
Jeanne Moral
Hi Elisa, yes, Maretta will cover those questions from Wed.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Me too
Gary Montrezza
It is public information.
Lisa Davis
The total being transferred is much less then the total being cut.. Where is the rest of the funding going?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Gary Montrezza
A formal request can be made, and the budget needs to be provided under statute. It is not a discretionary request to be granted.
Lauren Grey
thank you David.
SLC Sparky Harlan
I think David is asking you to talk to your partner CBOs and work these issues out first. Asking us to decide to cut or increase by agency seems the antithesis to collaboration.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Do SLC members know the difference between sponsored and unsponsored dollars. What is in each of those categories? General Funds? MediCal? MHSA? What are the benefits of the type of funding?
Gary Montrezza
If providers have stated the process has not occurred as stated by leadership, why is it being stated that it has? The group is suggesting to step back and cover the missed steps.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
I do. but presentations should be created in a way that is easy for all people to understand including members of the public. Some meetings are too long with too small printing and too much information to share. At the end, there is really no time to discuss.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Agree, Ana. We get presentation the same day. I still want to see BHSD budget along with the Contractors. That is also why I asked to see homeless services funded by MHSA because that has never been included in our SLC planning sessions.
Lorraine Zeller
I appreciate that you are open to meeting with individuals. Does that mean meeting with individuals or groups of consumers or family members? It seems that these presentations and discussions are targeted to the mental health system partners. Could you please consider making the presentations user friendly to consumers and family members who are not necessarily affiliated as employees or CBO representatives. How can we be involved in planning? As David pointed out though, we appreciate that BHSD is working under enormous pressures. Still looking for help to welcome consumer and family member inclusion in planning.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Add the BHSD unspent dollars and then let's have the conversation again with the entire picture.
Lorraine Zeller
Could the monkey survey ask consumers what kind of programs/services they need?
SLC Sparky Harlan
We all know that adult and TAY services have been over capacity. Can providers take underspend dollars and transfer to programs they have in those areas?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Sorry, connection issues
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
Maretta, I want to clarify that in response to Miguel's question about need to have matching funds to raise rates that you said there is sufficient unsponsored dollars in the budget to raise rates in order to be better able to recruit and retain staff. We are all struggling as a system to hire (both County and contract providers). The biggest impact on service delivery is inability to recruit and retain.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Need to also look at increasing cost reimbursement contractors so they can increase salaries that are low
Don Taylor
the settlement and reconciliation CAN change the outcomes - more unsponsored funding may be needed to cover gaps if the state denies certain services. Without unsponsored backdrop, there is risk for the county and contractors to not be able to cover costs of services.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Bill Wilson Center has been a BHSD contractor since 2008. We have never had a final reconciliation so have no idea about this issue of unsponsored dollars paying for services after the reconciliation.
SLC Sparky Harlan
Bill Wilson Center will be operating (taking over from SCC) the Homeless Shelter Hotline starting in September. It comes with administering $2.5 million in flex funding to help "problem solving" to keep folks housed. It is possible that these funds could address what Don is speaking about.
SLC Jack Roach
I have to jet to another meeting, thank you all!
Lisa Davis
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I need to transition to another meeting.
David Mineta
Thank you all for this open discussion today. Take care.
Evelyn Tirumalai
Please make sure to add your feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/July23_SLC_Feedback
Lauren Grey
thank you everyone, and thank you for these topics of discussion.
Jeanne Moral
Updated MHSA Fiscal Revenue Projections were presented at the July 15, 2021 kick-off meeting by Tina Cordero. Please refer to this link, slide 5: https://bhsd.sccgov.org/sites/g/files/exjcpb711/files/documents/MHSA-Progra-%20Findings_07.15.2021-Meeting.pdf
Evelyn Tirumalai
Fiscal Revenue Projections updated and presented at 7/15/2021 Kick Off Slide #5 https://bhsd.sccgov.org/sites/g/files/exjcpb711/files/documents/MHSA-Progra-%20Findings_07.15.2021-Meeting.pdf
Anna Fernandez
I need to leave and I thank you all
Hanna Korynta
Yes Q&A would be helpful to send afterwards with the slides. Thank you!