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MHSA SLC Planning Meeting #10: Adult and Older Adult Plan Refinement - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/3
Brian Rector
Hi Brian Rector with Gardner present. SLC Leadership Substitute for Dr. Miguel Valencia.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Ana G Villarreal, MHSA SLC, Faith Based
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
As you listen to Margaret's presentation, feel free to drop your questions into the chat. They will be addressed on a first-come basis.
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris
You may also use the raise hand feature to be called upon, but please note we will address chat questions before calling on you
Harold Thomas
Will MCRT play a role in the Outreach and Engageement as well?
Harold Thomas
IS there a number of how many clients that SCC will be receiving from Napa State once it closes? Will that be enough beds?
Roshni Shah
Register here and join the housing presentation on Friday, August 27 at 9AM: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__sccgov.us5.list-2Dmanage.com_track_click-3Fu-3Db7704d67c212a9bf7f81ccf82-26id-3D7c7d80bcb1-26e-3D9849143eff&d=DwMFaQ&c=jIuf2QGe13CVwCCNhnnHSyGX0TfHadH8sr2VwRkl7n8&r=DRBWvjg4O-I_50J6i_lwx4GtD8wmjKuS7UkbBCRya6k&m=OzUM1FmKx3hVCwMLqIhXd4F1UFv2k5Wm_rE3uhzM5WY&s=L5L0DL-2LHCXg2HBPWCYHxMfYowk-fIVAtNnA3TxOlU&e=
SLC Sparky Harlan
I have a procedural question: a couple of sessions back you told us that the MHSA legislation did not allow for SLC to recommend specific cuts or increases in recommendations. I went back to review the legislation and I did not see anything that would support that assessment. Can you please site your source that says we cannot make motions and recommendations to modify specific recommendations? For example, to move $3 million from AOT to AOP services.
erin obrien
Is the intent for the services at Gender Health Center for County staff to provide the services or bid out?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
How immediate emergency, needs services were determined?
SLC Sparky Harlan
How are you deciding to fund yourself (BHSD) or contract out services? For example, AOT or gender health center.
Elisa Koff-Ginsborg
Have you explored co-locating community organization that may already be working with transgender population rather than create a new clinic?
SLC Ana G Villarreal
$326, 676 to add two clinicians looks too high. What else would it cover?
Evelyn Tirumalai
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Me too
SLC Mary Gloner - she/her/siya
SLC Lorraine Zeller
SLC Mary Gloner - she/her/siya
The process and structure we did for adopting Community Mobile Response program is a good model to consider. Financing/budget, operational goals & potential impact was clear.
Evelyn Tirumalai
details regarding AOT link here: https://bhsd.sccgov.org/sites/g/files/exjcpb711/files/mhsa-aoa-presentation-aot_art-8.5.21.pdf
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Agree with Elisa. Creating new programs take lot of planning that it does not translate to clients' needs being met. Work more on providing services not on planning.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
It feels more like people are interested in creating new employment than actually providing services to clients.
SLC Sparky Harlan
So, If the county can move positions around then CBOs should be able to also move positions around based on need.
SLC Mary Gloner - she/her/siya
I don't necessarily want to micromanage county staff operations direction; however, I believe there is benefit to present new proposed recommendations to SLC in response to addressing a gap or new program/strategic priority. Posing question to fund new staff, contract for CBO, or combo of two with financial details.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
Effort should be made on programs working to full capacity not creating new programs. Why are people focusing on creating new programs before working finding gabs and improving current services? By making sure that each program utilize yearly funding, services to current clients' services, the underserved, and unserved margin would hopefully improve too.
Harold Thomas
I think that the Hard of Hearing funding/slot adding has wrong math on the slide. 16+20=36 not 41... did I miss something?
SLC Mary Gloner - she/her/siya
I need to jump into another meeting and sorry that I cannot join in the break-out group. Mary
SLC Sparky Harlan
Erin is now stepping in as my alternative. Have to go.
Evelyn Tirumalai
thank you, Mary and Sparky for attending
Christophe Rebboah, SLC
Are the financial slot allocations monthly?…ex 18K per slot for Transitional Housing
Roshni Shah
For those who may have to leave early, please kindly share your feedback and input through today's meeting survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Aug26_SLC_Feedback
SLC Cheryl Engelstad
Thank you, Roshni, I will have to leave early.
SLC Christophe Rebboah
How many individuals responded to the survey to achieve the overall high satisfaction rate? Thank you
SLC Peggy Cho
Thank you everyone! I can't join the break out groups. I have to go now.
SLC Cheryl Engelstad
Also have to leave. will review the recording later.
SLC Ana G Villarreal
The focus of my comments was on build upon previous success and how we measure success, before creating new programs?
Roshni Shah
Our reported findings from the 2021 client/consumer survey can be found in this published document: https://bhsd.sccgov.org/sites/g/files/exjcpb711/files/Documents/MHSA-SCC_Ann_Plan-Update_FY21-22_redlined.pdf